Women's western wear is not unique in itself but it is derivative of the men's styles that originated in the 1800s. Western wear has now made a big appearance in every mainstream fashion, and there has been an exponential increase in the number of women preferring western outfits. With more and more women looking to embrace western wear, there is a great demand for western wear and many fashion houses and big brands are launching an impressive collection of western wear to impart women with stylish and stunning looks. Western wear is modern, comfortable, and gives women more confidence in wearing these outfits. Western wear is unique and special in its way and a majority of women find these outfits comfortable and easy to carry. Indian women on a large scale prefer wearing western outfits like jeans, tops, trousers, and tees and these dresses find a special place in the Indian women's wardrobe.

Western wear is highly preferred by women because of the following reasons:

Highly comfortable - Western wear outfits like jeans, t-shirts, trousers, and long skirts provide much comfort in terms of movement. Carrying a western outfit is easy and convenient, so women prefer to wear these dresses both on formal and casual occasions.   

Trendier – Women of today are greatly concerned about their style and elegance and hence they prefer to don attire that helps them to dress as per the latest trends. Western wear is currently trending in the fashion world and so women love to dress up in the trendier western wear.

Easy-to-wear – Western wear outfits are extremely easy and simple to wear compared to Indian ethnic wear like sarees that require practice to drape. Thus, wearing western wear is more comfortable and time-saving compared to Indian wear.

India had a tradition of wearing ancient clothing but the late 80s and 90s saw a spurt of growth in the Indian fashion industry because of the increasing exposure to global fashion. The 21st century in India saw the coming of western wear in India and became a part of Indian fashion with working Indian women ditching traditional sarees for western wear.

Today's women are eagerly experimenting with different looks and are enthusiastic about twisting their traditional wear with a western touch. Women's wear such as pants and shirts look a lot like men's fashion but these dresses are created with a more feminine cut, snap buttons, decorative yokes, fringe that make these dresses look exclusively feminine. Women are more inclined to give a touch of modernism to their appearances. Western wear is usually designed by showcasing creativity in waistlines, cuts, necklines, and other embroidered or woven decorations.