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A Top is an item of clothing that covers the human upper body between the neck and the waistline. The bottom of tops can be as short as mid-torso, or as long as mid-thigh. NOZ2TOZ manufactures the best quality of women tops with wide variety.you can find whatever you thought of just with a click of button. NOZ2TOZ offers the finest quality in very reasonable price.

NOZ2TOZ has many different varieties of women Tops:


Button-up blouses can be made in dozens of materials, with sleeves of all lengths, and in hundreds of colours and designs. They usually have collars and are, therefore, a bit dressier than other tops, and you can choose everything from a sleeveless cotton blouse to a long-sleeved silk blouse, depending on the look you want.

Button-up blouses are appropriate for almost any occasion and they are worn by people of all ages. They can be plain or fancy, solid-colored, or in prints, and they are also a great go-to whether you’re going to the mall or to the office.


Cropped mini tops are almost always worn exclusively by young people because they show a lot of the midriff area. In fact, some of these tops are also off-the-shoulder tops, which makes them especially revealing and sensual.

Perfect to wear with miniskirts and shorts, they can be worn to the beach, your next get-together with friends and any event that requires you to be out in the sun for a bit. Cropped mini tops also come in a variety of prints, sleeve lengths, and colours, so if you are looking for something particular, you are likely to find it.


These tops are very popular among teenagers and young people, and they have a unique backside that includes a pattern that is both unique and eye-catching. Perfect for girls’ nights out, dates, and even parties, tops that have patterns on the back can include zippers, lace, or numerous other characteristics, and with many of them, part of the wearer’s back is showing for a sensual and sexy look.

The front and back always look different from one another, and the patterns on the backside of the top are always something attractive.


These tops are distinct because they have numerous layers on the front and sometimes on the back of the shirt. Often made with spaghetti straps, the layered look calls attention to itself, and the top is usually made with very casual and comfortable materials such as cotton.

You can wear layered tops with jeans or shorts to make them a little dressier, and they are lightweight, fit loosely, and make the perfect top for casual outings such as going to the beach or heading out to the mall. Layered tops are more popular with younger people, but their sleek style is appropriate for others as well.


Frock tops are somewhat traditional and have a western look that is extremely popular. They usually have a set of pleats at the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt itself, and they are often made of a cotton-polyester blend for the ultimate in comfort. Usually worn in the summer months, frock tops can even have fancy lace collars and bright, colorful designs.


Made mostly of comfortable materials such as cotton, these tops usually have short sleeves and consist of a loose-fitting style that goes with everything from skirts to jeans. Not only are they loose-fitting all the way around, but they are also even loose at the top, having a cut that is fairly low and flowing.

Women who have medium or hefty builds often prefer loose tops because they do not fit as snugly across the body, and they are also very comfortable when it’s hot outside and you don’t feel like wearing anything too tight.


Both trendy and a little sexy, off-the-shoulder top can include one or both shoulders, and they are almost always short-sleeved, although other sleeve lengths are possible. Off-the-shoulder tops can be barely off the shoulders or slink way down, and they can sometimes include one shoulder that looks a little different than the other one.


Peplum tops are tops with a strip sewn onto the waist so that the bottom part of the top flows outward and has a slight flare to it. The great thing about peplum tops is that the style itself is great for both casual and formal occasions.


These tops are not made of a netted material, but the design itself is sheer in nature. Often, only certain parts of the shirt are sheer, such as the top part directly below the neck, the sleeves, and possibly even the very bottom of the shirt.


Tunic tops are a little larger than regular tops, almost resembling dresses. Some are shorter in the front than on the sides and back, while others are the same length all the way around. Popular especially among women over the age of 40, tunic tops are most often worn as a single dress or with leggings, and they can be quite fashionable.

They can be long or short-sleeved and come in hundreds of designs, fits, and colours, so everyone can find something they’ll love while shopping for tunics.

Fashion doesn’t end here. Explore much more on our website NOZ2TOZ.

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